About the Movement

#GiveEmAVoice was created to give those who live a different lifestyle a platform to voice their thoughts.  Too often we are closed off from a world that looks different from the world we live in.  We forget that there are others here with us that live differently than us.

We have to make sure we give everyone a place to feel like they matter.  This blog is in honor of Anthony Jr. and Lyric Ja'Dore, the children of Libra J. Hicks - Founder / President of Our Children's Story, Inc.  Libra wanted to make sure that her sons who both have (dis)Abilities can have a voice.  She has made it her mission to make sure her children have a safe place to feel their lives have meaning and that voices are heard by the world.

#GiveEmAVoice - Blog 4 the Voiceless