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Author of the “2018 STORY MONSTER LLC, Honorable mention” award for Special Needs/Disability Awareness, for “Arianna’s Magic Boots” series.

My name is Lastena Shahid, and I am the founder and owner of B’Ella Beauty. I have a loving and supportive husband and am a mother of two amazing children. I am also a student pursuing a nursing degree. Where do I find the time to do it all??? Being a mother is a challenging task. But being the mother of a child with exceptional needs is even more challenging. During the everyday hustle and bustle, it is easy to lose yourself. I found myself being Zak and Zora’s mom, while Lastena disappeared into the shadows. I had to ask myself, “who are you?’, hell, even times “where are you?”. A few years ago, due to my son’s impairments, he had major hip surgery where both of his legs were cast from his toes all the way up to his hips. This limited access to his legs, leaving his skin scaly and dry. As a result, I began creating body scrubs and butters, gifting them to his teachers and loved ones. This is where B’Ella Beauty evolved. Since then, I have created a skincare line specializing in body butters and scrubs. I also have a nail service, and a hair extension line, all of which was created out of my love for all things beauty related.

The name B’Ella Beauty came from all that is me. I am a Panamanian-African American who is of all that is within me. The name of my business is a play on words with a Spanish twist. My middle name is Elena, and I thought it would be cool to incorporate myself within the name. Taking the “El” from my middle name and the “La” from my first came Ella, which in Spanish means “her”. Bella also means beautiful in Spanish. You see, B’Ella Beauty came from all that I am, and for all of the beautiful beings around me. Whatever it means to you, whether its “Beautiful Beauty”, “Be HER Beauty”, just follow our motto, and Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!


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