My Name!

My name is Idalia Monique Klaleh Blopleh.  This was the name given to me by my parents on June 26, 1975.  It was my name when I had my handsome Prince, Marcus in January of 1998 and still the same when I had my beautiful Princess, Isis in April of 2000.  This name has been with me through a host of beautiful memories, some pretty painful ones, and a total of 44 years to date.

Do you remember your name before the kids, the business, the job, the boyfriend/husband/life partner?  Who were you before it all?  Why do we forget our identities as we take on titles of mother, provider, girlfriend/bae/boo/wife, entrepreneur, employee? You began as Melissa, Anna, Evette, Teresa, Erica, Valencia, Audrey, Erica.  THAT woman has strong opinions, likes/dislikes, insights.  THAT woman enjoys peaceful solitude.  THAT woman cherishes, supports, and nurtures friendships.  THAT woman had dreams and ambitions and is taking action to implement them to fruition. But sometimes we get amnesia.  I know I did!  I put on all the “hats” that life gave me and wore them well.  For a time, I forgot about all the things that made me personally joyful.  Then the “hats” got heavy.  I checked out.  No one was benefiting from my once, high def sparkle.  Least of all……me!

In forgetting to care about myself, I was unable to effectively care about anything and/or anyone else.  My children noticed how cranky I was, all the time.  People around me felt the shutdown.  My job suffered.  I was watching myself meltdown.  I had boycotted my own life!

Then one day after a conversation with a dear friend something clicked.  This wasn’t a new conversation.  I think I was just open to it this time.  I completely understood and was more ready than I had been before.  What I needed and wanted to get back to living a joyful life was so simple.  I had to accept that I don’t have to wear every hat presented to me.  It’s ok for me to breathe.  It's ok for me to enjoy time with friends.  It’s ok for me to say “NO” and mean it with no additional explanations.  It’s ok for me to love in the way that I know-how.  It’s ok to be open but to use the power of discernment in that openness.

As soon as I started implementing those ideas, I felt a weight lifted off my chest.  I remembered my name!  In doing so I was able to be the sparkle and glitter that I know the world needs.  The woman I remembered and have been able to reintroduce to all of you is a pretty dope individual.  She’s bright and sparkly.  She loves intensely and openly.  She’s a go-getter and trailblazer.  She supports her community, loves her children, and is the friend you know will cheerlead for you and ride for you!  All of THOSE “hats” are the ones she wears and is proud of.

So…I ask you again.  What is your name?  My name is Idalia Monique Klaleh Blopleh and I’m very happy to meet you!

XO – Idalia

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