Junk Food is LIFE

As we know, weight loss is the HARDEST thing you can ever do in life. I mean to give up EVERYTHING you love to eat is insane, right?  I mean those sweets, good southern food, Caribbean food, Mexican food, Chinese food, etc. WAIT, I CAN NOT LEAVE OUT KRISPY KRACK KREME DONUTS. MERCY OF THE LORD SAVORY!! THEM GOTDAMN DONUTS.  (yes, it was that serious for me lolol)

So, let me ask this because I know a lot of you felt the fuck out of that shit I just said at the beginning. If this food only makes you feel good for the moment you're eating, don't you realize you have to keep eating in order to fulfill that instant gratification of happiness? Don't you see that the way you are choosing to be happy is killing you?

As much as we like to say how confident we are as plus size women (yes I was this girl) we have to admit that it's a health hazard. No matter how confident you are, being overweight is a health hazard.

The number one question I get when I post before and after pics on social media is, "How did you do it"? I struggle with answering this question. Here's why people want me to say what I did as far as food and exercise'; no one wants to know how I needed to get to the root cause of why I was eating and then put forth the action of losing weight. NO ONE WANTS THAT PART.

After addressing the root cause, I was able to drop the pounds via diet and exercise. It was really that simple. Doing the work to get to a place of losing weight. The action of figuring out why was the hardest than doing the act of weight loss.

Being a mom of 2 boys with special needs, I knew I needed to be my best so they can thrive. In order for them to thrive, I have to thrive.


Eating Habits

So the dreaded conversation! We all wanna know how to get rid of the extra pounds HOWEVER the one thing that we have to control is our eating habits.

If you aren't able to resist food, you may have a food addiction.  Food addiction is similar to drug addiction.  Many overweight people have a food addiction.  The 1st step is acknowledging that you have a problem.  You can't begin to get rid of the weight if you are in denial about your eating habits.

Here's something else (this may really piss some folks off, however, I am truly ok with that) a lot of us, especially us females, tend to belittle the weight and say we love ourselves, etc. Not realizing that if you are overweight and sedentary, you are uncomfortable and miserable and it's covered up with makeup, hair, nails, etc.

We have to do better with taking care of the inner as we do the outer. Now, I am not saying do not enjoy food, however, we have to learn to eat to live not live to eat.

I remember being 265 lbs wishing I wasn't carrying all that weight around. I lied about what I ate leaving everyone to help me make excuses instead of being honest. As much as I dressed nice and made sure my outfit and sense of style distracted others from noticing my weight.

We have to start acknowledging what the core issues are so that we can then change the eating habits that keep you bondage.



Fit Life Reality

Exercising can be tricky if you overthink it.  We tend to watch these super dumb fit people who have an intense program they try to sell you (I've fallen into that). You become super motivated for like 3 days then you quit because the workout damn near took your ENTIRE life.

This isn't how this is supposed to happen. We get caught up in other people's goals and not our own. Let me be honest, once I started learning how to properly workout in a way that best suited me I ran with it. This was the defining point in my life. Learning how to work out for me and not for everyone else.

Since then I have found a new love for the gym. Taking the pressure off and learning how to workout really made a difference. I workout to keep up with my children not to run a race or to look like those on Instagram. Just so I can keep up with my children.

Being in shape to lift and give 100% care to Moo (my oldest son who has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy) is all I care about. Being around to help Lyric (my youngest son) Navigate life is all I care about. To be able to do that means I have accomplished my fitness goals.

Eating Habits

While losing weight finding new ways to eat can be a challenge.  What I have found is staying away from "fad" diets works best for me. I started taking the pressure from myself by not putting pressure on scheduled meals etc.  I just make sure I keep options in my house so that I am forced to eat right no matter what I grab.

What I have also found is, keeping snacks such as cashews and protein bars helps me take the hunger away if I forget to eat so that I will not resort back to old habits.

Now, let me be honest, I have moments when I treat myself to some great unhealthy shit. I am not going to sit here and tell you all that I don't indulge. I INDULGE!!!! LOLOL!! I just make sure that after I allow myself a day of indulging, the next day I do not use that as an excuse to not get back on track.

I found that taking the pressure from the expectations of "fad" diets helps me do better. I know what I should eat, so I fill my fridge with those things so that no matter what I am choosing something healthy.

Do what works for you and what you are wanting to accomplish for your health. Everyone's goals and reasons will be different. Make sure you find what works for you and make it happen.

For me releasing the pressure, filling my home with healthy options and keeping snacks in my purse is what works best for me.

Getting Started


Exercise isn't easy. I will be the 1st to admit.  In fact, when you aren't mentally ready to receive what it really means to workout, it will always seem like a "task".

Everyone wants to know the magic pill or secret to losing weight and getting fit.  It's really simple, getting to the root of why you eat.

Food is a form of addiction and unless you understand why you are eating so much you will continue to do so.  You can't put even begin to gain discipline with life changes until you understand what's going on with you internally.

You need a team of people that will partake in your journey.  I mean your primary care doctor, accountability partner, workout partner and more importantly a therapist.

These are the tools I used to help me with my journey.  I utilized people that would help me dig deep into the root of why I ate so much.  Once I addressed those issues I was able to buckle down and make it happen.  It was effortless, I didn't have to fight so hard with myself to make it possible.

I've tried weight loss procedures such as the lap band and gastric sleeve and yes I had small success with those procedures, nothing compared to understanding why I was self-sabotaging.

Now, I workout on a consistent basis whether in the gym or at home.  My body doesn't feel right unless I workout.  The way I felt about myself showed in how I treated my body.  I allowed myself to get to my all-time high which was 265lbs.

I vowed I would never allow myself to get that heavy again.

It's important to love yourself in and out so that you can be the best you possible. You only get 1 life to live, give it your best so you can experience all that is meant for you. Don't allow your health to stop you from living.