As Told By Tylia 5 Tips for Enjoying Theme Parks With a Disability

Living in the Central Florida area, I tend to visit theme parks very frequently. My favorite theme parks to visit are Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios because of the themes of the parks, which are Marvel heroes and classic Universal movies. My favorite recent add-on to the parks would have to be the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” since I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

The thing I liked most when attending Universal for many, many years before moving to Central Florida was that they helped people with disabilities have an excellent experience by making sure we were comfortable and felt welcome there. However, in recent years, things have changed in the theme parks.

When I was a kid, park guests with disabilities had a lot more support and accommodations. Unfortunately, able-bodied people started taking advantage of disability accommodations to get around waiting in lines. This is very upsetting for people like myself who genuinely have a disability and can’t be in the theme parks or under the hot sun all day long. Quick piece of advice, don’t be a jerk!

With spring break coming up, here are some tips on how to visit theme parks successfully when you have a disability.

  1. Bring a doctor’s note explaining the in and outs of your disability. This note can also help them help you with navigating through the parks. Unless they’re new, most employees have a good idea of the layout of the park. It can also make it easier for you if you struggle to explain your condition, or have issues with anxiety.
  2. Always have your prescribed medicines on hand when you plan to spend the whole day at a theme park. You never know when your disability will decide to act up, for example, in my case, when my cerebral palsy wants to have a party at the parks. Along with your doctor’s note, keeping a note about your medication can be a huge help if you ever need assistance, especially if you’re having issues due to your disability.
  3. Analyze the rides and simulators you can get on that are comfortable for you and your disability. I mostly enjoy the rides that have a screen in front of them. It’s like you are in a movie, but you are sitting down with minimal movement compared to the roller coasters with the big drops. It’s always good to understand what you can and cannot handle. There’s nothing wrong with knowing your comfort zone and what limits you can push outside of it if you’re feeling bolder!
  4. Take your time and don’t stress about what you can or can’t do. This short period of time is meant for you to enjoy yourself and what the park offers. You can make notes of what activities/rides you want to do next time if you can’t make them this time around. It gives you something to look forward to as well!
  5. Bring your own drinks and food if you can’t eat certain things due to your disability. If you’re unsure, call the park ahead of time and explain your situation, and why bringing your own food is vital to you enjoying and going to their park.

I hope my tips can help you make the most of your theme park adventures this upcoming spring and summer. A little planning and preparation can make a big difference in your time at a park.

As Told by Tylia: Peppa Pig Introduces Character ​in Wheelchair

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here just a lot of brand-new stuff going on in my life for starters I have started my own radio show and I’m

continuing my writing career an advocacy career in full force so I apologize if blogs become little from me but I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

So you’re probably wondering what I’m going to discuss in today’s blog post I’m going to be discussing the latest news about the animated preschool show that airs on the Nick Jr. Papa pig Papa pigand the reason

why I want to discuss that shows because today Dan announced that they’re going to be introducing a character that is in a wheelchair named Mindy mouse

My first initial reaction when I heard the news about the news in addition to the papa pig family I was jumping out of my chair because I said finally because I said finally we’re getting somewhere in a society where animated TV shows and sitcoms are opening up doors for people with disabilities to have a voice

Now most of the time I would not get excited for a preschoolers show since I’m 23 years old and do not watch Nick Junior anymore but since I have a nephew I’m really excited to show him Mindy Mouse and what her abilities are plus I feel like we could use Mindy mouse as a tool to explain to children what a wheelchair is and how it doesn’t define what child can and can’t do !

AS Told by Tylia ​: Betsy DeVos: Deep cuts to Special Olympics, student programs are warranted

In recent days I’m pretty sure everybody has heard the recent news of the Special Olympics being in jeopardy of getting their funding cut thanks to education secretary Elisabeth Dee DeVos .

I can’t help but ask myself has Elizabeth lost her mind does she not realize that the special Olympics has been helping children with disabilities come out of their shells for many years it has also helped them build confidence within themselves to be able to accomplish the things they want to accomplish

I mean I know for me once I turned 13 years old I started to play softball for many years three for many years through an organization called challenge baseball and that helped me gained confidence within myself to do whatever I set my mind to do .

So I strongly believe cutting funding and not providing funding for the Special Olympics would take away children’s with different disabilities would deeply hurt generations to come in the long run because they don’t

have the same opportunities to feel that confident in the pride to be involved in something as big as a sport.

Know if we’ve think Elizabeth proposal to cut funding for the Special Olympics is the nitty-gritty of the worse we need to start preparing for the future of our public school system and what it means for children with special needs since I strongly believe that this is just the beginning of the

worst in my personal opinion and it saddened me for the new generation of children that have to grow up in the society with disabilities where yes we have made it a few steps forward in have full rights to have a voice thanks to George H.W Bush and the ADA we have had rights for people like us for 28 years but in some aspects of our society we have gone backward in regards

to elect a president who doesn’t stand free quality of our people of America which lead to all this happening to our nation and I’m not afraid to say it neither this all has to with politics and the people we are electing in office to represent our nation and represent the disability nation as one

So when I think about having less resource for the Special Olympics I get angry and devastated because what does that mean for the next generation who knows but all we can do is come together and continue to fight for what matters as advocates

As Told By Tylia: Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story to tell whether your disabled or not everyone has a purpose everyone has to story to tell about their struggles and challenges.

although we may not realize it as we’re going through the struggles that made stronger in life that makes the chapters of our lives great and real like for example I grew up with having cerebral palsy and facing diversity within our society . 

not understanding why I was chosen to face those struggles and challenges not realizing that years later as a young adult that those will become the stories I would tell in order to help others with Cerebral Palsy succeed in life.

That’s why when I was asked to start this blog segment I gladly came on aboard because every child has the story that could change the world no matter what back from you come from no matter what region you live in everyone needs to have the opportunity to spread awareness on what they’re passionate about and share their stories with the world .

cause everyone could make a difference .

As Told by Tylia: When people ask you what happen to you

When I was growing up I faced a lot of curiosity regarding my disability and I would get asked several different questions by young girls my age one of them that I would get all the time is what happened to you ?.

As a child, I didn’t really know how to answer that question I would usually look at children confused like what happen to me I was just born this way and that’s the answer I would always give them

Then the questions would happen were you born in your wheelchair Do you sleep in your wheelchair? I used to get so emotional whenever these questions were asked of me as a child all the way up until I was in the fifth grade and I just got used to it .

But what I learned is to just explain my Cerebral Palsy to the best of my ability and hope they would understand my situation but my thing is explaining disabilities to children shouldn’t be as hard as people have given the tools now in days to do so.

As they are TV Shows like ABC’S sitcom Speechless to bring awareness but we don’t have enough children based shows that talk about disability awareness .

as a whole series and not just one episode talking about that one character that has a disability in a one hour show maybe kids would know how to answer that question What Happen to you that way when people ask that question it wouldn’t make you feel as if you were not human I know for me whenever somebody asked that question as a kid it would make Me feel like I was an alien from another planet so and My personal opinion it is important that we educate our children of the future and our community to understand ways to approach children with disabilities ways to approach children with the disability when they’re curious about it because words can hurt

AS Told by Tylia ​: if you want my handicap parking take my disability

I can’t tell you how many times over the years in my childhood that I had some pretty interesting encounters when it comes to handicapped parking and the people that I’ve gotten to me through my experiences with handicap parking.

My opinion about handicap parking spots is that they’re great and it’s being for people like us who have a wheelchair and let who have a disability get you to need to get to quickly but and some cases people that aren’t handicapped still parked in a handicap spot.

for example a few years ago, I was living in a condominium type of community and to give you a picture on how the parking lot as they only had one handicap parking for the whole community which in my opinion was stupid because there was more than one handicapped person living in the same condominium complex.

so one day, I was coming back from physical therapy and I noticed this flooring company van parked in the handicapped spot and as I saw a man coming out I went up to him and I told him some very unfriendly things and I said to him why did you park in my handicap knowing that my mom was trying to get that parking for us so that she can get me out faster and he said all because the office told me to park here sir if you really want this parking then you should take my disability just for a

day so you can see how hard it is for a citizen like me to transfer in and out of vehicles then you will think twice about parking in the handicapped spot when you’re definitely able to get up and walk.

That’s like people that park close to handicap assessable Vans to point where they can’t get in the vans because people park so close to the vehicle cause people park so close to the vehicles
So please be considerate if you’re able body person parking the handicap and just think about this if you’re willing to take a handicap parking would you want our disabilities.

As Told By Tylia :D​isability and Toys

It’s no secret that I was very unique as a child with having cerebral palsy and everything but I still had many toys and I was into many things as Legos that were Harry Potter theme and garbage patches but they all had to be boys with blonde hair and blue eyes

I wasn’t really a huge fan of Barbie, in fact, every year on Christmas when somebody gave me a Barbie I would pretend that I like it and then, later on, give it to Goodwill.

But there was this one Barbie that I’ve absolutely loved as a kid from the minute my mom brought her for me while away on a business trip and her name was ”Becky ”and she was in a wheelchair just like me I used to play with her all the time and I would take her on adventures with Tommy Pickles and he would push her wheelchair and play with her hints how old I’m I right 😂 .

But anyhow I’m so happy that Mettel has decided to bring Becky back for the new generation of little girls who have a disability and for those who don’t as well that way we have better tools to educate young children in disability awarenesses and how it’s okay to be different from others!

As Told by Tylia ​: How Stanley brings awareness to Children​ about Disabilities

When I was a child, I loved watching Cartoons my favorite network to watch was Playhouse Disney now known as ”Disney Junior”like any normal child who grew up in the late ’90s early 2000’s .

One of my favorite shows to watch was Stanley that’s based on the series of children’s books written by “Griff” (as indicated on the cover of the original book), also known as Andrew Griffin. It was produced by Cartoon Pizza and was developed for television by Jim Jinkins (the creator of Doug, PB&J Otter, Allegra’s Window, JoJo’s Circus, and Pinky Dinky Doo) and David Campbell.

Stanley was a young boy into animals in every time he would want to learn about an animal he would grab his great big book of everything that was like an encyclopedia that would teach him about the animal and he would dive right into the adventures of the animal he was learning about within the episode but what made Stanley so unique was that with every episode but he was taught something new about an animal there was always a life lesson behind it all .

Which brings me to one of my favorite episodes out of the whole entire series entitled, Look Who’s Helping where Stanley meets his cousin Max who is in a wheelchair and has a Service Dog to help him adapt to his life has as six-year-old in a wheelchair. while Stanley hangs out with Max he dives into the Great Big Book of Everything where Max and Stanley learn about Monkey who to learn how to adjust to being their environment just like Max does but that doesn’t mean they’re any different from one another.

I totally feel as Stanley hit it out of the park when it comes to bringing awareness to children about differently able- children and how we could all be the same although we have different abilities we just all have to come together and adjust to our environment and as a child, I think it’s about you will listen that we could all learn from

As Told by Tylia ​: introduction

I’m Tylia that’s pronounced : TY-lee-uh I’m twenty-three years old with spastic cerebral palsy I was born only weighing 1 lb. 2 oz. Doctors do not expect me to live past 24 hours but here I am 23 years later proving the doctors wrong sharing my stories with the world through my passion for writing.

I first discovered my passion for writing when I was fifteen years old and I haven’t stopped writing ever since published James Ticking Time Bomb at sixteen years old which was dedicated in loving memory of my friend who also had cerebral palsy and passed away from a brain tumor back in 2010 .

although my journey of going through grief and obstacles challenge with cerebral palsy I decided to start opening up about my daily struggles with cerebral palsy by doing the one thing that helped through my difficult time grieving which was to start writing about cerebral palsy which is something

I never thought I would do as a child or even a young teen because I didn’t want to be labeled as someone different in society since I have faced many stereotypes already throughout my life but I’m happy to say that I’ve taken the leap of faith and I finally decided to be a writer for cerebral palsy and disability awareness because our voice matters and our voice matters and we all need to be heard .

When I was invited to write a series about my childhood and teenager years I was so excited and so thrilled to be taking on such a great project because I feel like it’s my duty to share my experience with the world and how I overcame so many obstacles as a Young lady with CP so with that being said I hope you guys are ready for an awesome journey because it’s going to be one heck of a ride all the stories will be told by one person and one person only these stories are As Told by Tylia