Higher & Higher

As special needs parents we deal with extra challenges daily. So much so, that we may neglect many things that bring us pleasure. Whatever makes your soul happy, you should find some time to just do it! Trust me, I am speaking to myself as well. Things are beginning to work out for me more than I know; for that, I am grateful. Although you may not recognize it for yourself in the moment; I’m sure there are things that are working out for you as well. Majority of the time when we face these challenging moments, our ego will rise up in attempts to fix it, stirring up all kinds of emotions that can spiral out of control if we don’t check ourselves. It’s all in our perception of things happening in and around us. We have to choose to mind and co-create our own realities.

One of the things that has always brought me a sense of pleasure is writing. As a child, I kept a journal. I have no clue where those journals are now lol. I just know I kept one. Then as a teen in high school, my English teachers would always encourage me to submit my papers for contest. They would say my stories seemed so alive and real. One story I wrote about my late auntie actually won the Lenoir County English Teachers Award and was published in their publication. Because we deal with so much on a daily basis, I’ve decided to open up a space for you live vicariously though some of my erotic writings. Besides, don’t we all need an outlet to just let it all hang out? Some of you may have read my last blog post entitled “Honey Flow”, if you haven’t yet, by all means go and read it hunni! The link is below to make it easier for you. Right now since you are here keep an open mind and be in the moment as I write for you HIGHER & HIGHER…..I trust you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Moving to the rhythm of the drums slow circulating hips with a seductive thrust in the middle

The aroma of sweet honey coconut from her curvaceous well proportional body, the wind guided it to my nose. Inhaling deeply as the soft smell gently caressed every fiber of my soul

Opening my eyes she stood before me. I could feel her heartbeat aligning with mine

I reached to touch her beautiful full breast and she welcomed me, leaning closer to her I buried my head into her cleavage and she kissed my eye, then gently touching my face she draws me up; our eyes meets and our lips touch.

Silence could be heard and understood, we stood there as our souls knew one another in passionate bliss

The light emitted brighter as we ascended higher and higher

Just because we have children that are different and not less doesn’t mean you have to necessarily give up your fantasies, your hopes, nor your dreams. We just have to be a bit more creative with and in our minds in order to co-create our realities. ~ShonNicole~

Author: ShonNicole

I am the Super Sensational Successful sometimes sensitive ShonNicole! Teen mom, army veteran, momprenuer, and an Aumazing cleft mom embracing and creating an abundant life as a parent with a differently-abled son who’s special power is in his smile! I’m passionate about encouraging and uplifting others no matter what their circumstances or situations may look like in the natural. We all have a story and a journey that has been uniquely designed for us to walk boldly into our destiny as we manifest into our greater self.