Honey Flow

As my thoughts of you intensified throughout the day,  Mother Nature and the Universe became the canvas I created a reality inside the vortex…

Initially it was just visualizations of you merely in my presence as you spoke about the opportunities to monetize in this realm in order to create the life experiences one may desire.  Replaying conversation about your dreams and plans.  The fire and passion in your eyes and upon your lips could be felt from the energy of your aura that still surrounds my home.  The love, the commitment, the pride, honor and humility.  It’s all still here…

As my heart started to beat faster, I felt a warming sensation come over me. I heard the rain pouring from the sky and it felt as if you spoke softly into my ear “I told you it would rain today.” I could feel you breathing on my neck as you caressed my shoulders…..

Arching my back because it felt so damn good to my soul….suddenly a burst of loud thunder came from the heavens with a heavy downpour of hard rain, closing my eyes and squeezing my thighs together tightly as if I were wrapping them around your waist…my honey began to flow!

Let It Flow Sis….LET IT FLOW! You’ll release so much bottled up energy, especially if it’s been a while!! ~ShonNicole~ Follow me on FB @ http://www.facebook.com/mrs.snjones

Author: ShonNicole

I am the Super Sensational Successful sometimes sensitive ShonNicole! Teen mom, army veteran, momprenuer, and an Aumazing cleft mom embracing and creating an abundant life as a parent with a differently-abled son who’s special power is in his smile! I’m passionate about encouraging and uplifting others no matter what their circumstances or situations may look like in the natural. We all have a story and a journey that has been uniquely designed for us to walk boldly into our destiny as we manifest into our greater self.

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