Is this my Life?

There are times when I really have to sit back and wonder and ask, “Is this my life Lord”? What did I do to get dealt these cards? Yes, I now have a loving husband and two beautiful kids. But a part of me is still missing. My first-born son is no longer here with me. He was my first love. The one who taught me how to be patient and how to be strong. Who taught me the true definition of unconditional love! I want to hug him, and lay with him. I would love to sit there and braid his hair and him give me the side eye. I would love to stare into his beautiful brown eyes, round face with his mustache and strong adams apple. I miss hearing his deep voice when he cried out. The only time I was able to hear his voice, so I didn’t mind that cry. I wonder what would he be doing at this moment. There are times we would be at my middle son’s band concert and I would look over in the aisle as if that’s where Tae wheel chair would be place. I imagined him smiling while enjoying the music. I imagine my daughter pushing him around in his wheel chair, wanting to give him his medicine and just help with whatever he needed. I know that she would have been a wonderful little/ big sister just like her older brother was. I wonder how would our lives be different, knowing the things that I know. Having the support that I now have. Would he have passed away when he did if he had been home with me?

All of these things and more runs through my mind daily! But lately, my God has shown me why I was dealt the cards that I had. My steps had already been ordained prior to being in my mother’s womb. Everything that I have endured was to get me to where I am and who I am today. The strength and determination that my son demonstrated was for me to see that I too have that same strength and will power. I am here standing tall because God gave me a gift when he blessed me with my son. And that gift would lead me to my purpose.
See we all have a purpose in life. And everything that we go through whether it’s right or wrong will lead us to our purpose, our destiny. But it is up to us to be spiritually ready to accept it. There will be all sorts of signs, but will you recognize them. I will share with you all that God has been showing me these last few weeks, but I believe he has been speaking, I am just now listening…..

The numbers 27 and 7 has been coming across my path. I pumped gas twice and both times it was $27.27 then $27.07. Then I paid for parking twice two different days it was $7. This continued to happen more and more. My mentor said girl if you don’t look into those numbers!

27: Angel number 27, You are more sensitive to the angel number 27 because there is a new spiritual awareness being awakened in you. This indicates that you are evolving on a whole new spiritual level, and you are ready to accept this divine message from a higher source.
Deep huh?
7: Angel number 7is a wonderful and important message to receive because it means support and on the way. It’s an assurance that whatever you’re planning to do, or thinking of deciding on, will be the best thing for you.

I have made some big decisions regarding business and life. Just know what is for you is for you and can’t anybody take it away from you!!! He is waiting on you. Listen, be patient, obedient and consistent.

I will be a motivational speaker. I will inspire and help others. I am his voice.

Author: Tammy Westmoreland

Their Voice was created by Tammy Westmorland a mother who knows what it's like to raise a child with (dis)Abilities. She has a determination to keep her son's voice alive. Her son D'Jonte passed at the age of 15 years of age from Cerebral Palsy complications. That loss broke her heart, however, it also gave her the drive to help other families who care for loved ones with (dis)Abilites. Her non-profit is based in Ohio and she works consistently to ensure those who are lacking in resources and assistance get what they need. To support her cause visit