Meet Anthony Jr. aka “MOO”

Anthony D. Hicks Jr. was born on December 15th, 2005 to Libra and Anthony Hicks. Anthony who we affectionately call "Moo" has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and a host of other challenges.

My son has been the most loving son I could've ever asked for.  There have been moments when I questioned my higher power, "why me to care for this extra special human"?

Anthony, even though non-verbal and 100% fully dependent on all needs, has a voice that reaches far and wide. I am just his vessel he is doing the driving.  He has given me some valuable lessons and has forgiven me during times when I didn't deserve forgiveness. He keeps a smile on his face and never complains about anything.

Anthony is such a moving spirit.  He touches everyone he comes in contact with. He has taught many how to live freely with no apologies.  He is his mother's life and the reason the entire Our Children's Story, Inc organization got started.

If it weren't for the tragedy that brought us here, I wouldn't have known how beautiful life really is.  What most would see as an unfortunate situation is really a front row seat into what life should really be.