Meet Lyric Ja’Dore aka “Pretty Ricky”

Lyric Ja'Dore Hicks was born to Anthony and Libra Hicks on December 11th, 2015. Libra was considered high risk while carrying Lyric due to the complications she experienced having her eldest son Anthony Jr.

Lyric wad diagnosed with Autism August of 2017.  Libra noticed changes in her son when he was 6 months old.  She noticed that after a set of vaccinations her son started to develop differently.

Libra reached out to Emory Autism Center to help diagnose her son so she could start early intervention.

Lyric has progressed beautifully.  Yes, he has his challenges, however, he has proven that Autism is just a diagnosis and doesn't define who he is and will be.

Lyric is a lively toddler who loves people, music, and nature.  His love of life is something to be admired.  He sees the world the way it was intended.