Meet the Writers


Phillip Washington

YBLimited is all things Beauty and Fashion.  CEO Phillip Washington found his love for the fashion and beauty industry at an early age.

He mastered his craft and collectively with Rico his lead photographer and creative director created a platform for women to feel their best through the YBLimited Experience.

It takes a session with the team to understand why it's more than just makeup and pictures.  It's a moment to remember how beautiful you really are. You can see his work through many channels.

YBLimitedis the ONLY glam team Libra J. Hicks uses. Through this blog, you will see why she ONLY chooses YBLimited, LLC

Cairo Williams

Clock and Flow Method and Mentoring program has been designed to help young girls and women who desire to build confidence within themselves.  Also, those who desire to become professional models and need proper training to accomplish their goals.

Cairo Williams is the creator and founder of the Clock and Flow Method.  She's an international supermodel that's made her stamp in the fashion world.


Tammy Westmoreland

Their Voice was created by Tammy Westmorland a mother who knows what it's like to raise a child with (dis)Abilities.  She has a determination to keep her son's voice alive.

Her son D'Jonte passed at the age of 15 years of age from Cerebral Palsy complications.  That loss broke her heart, however, it also gave her the drive to help other families who care for loved ones with (dis)Abilites.

Her non-profit is based in Ohio and she works consistently to ensure those who are lacking in resources and assistance get what they need.  To support her cause visit

Tameche "Tammy" Brown

Tameche "Tammy" Brown is the Vice President of Our Children's Story, Inc. She is also a mother to a beautiful little girl who we affectionately call DIVA and wife to Paul Brown.  Tammy's daughter Miracle has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. She knows oh too well what it's like raising a child with challenges while trying her best to ensure her daughter has a fair chance at life.

Maria Crayton

Maria Crayton is the Chief Financial Officer of Our Children's Story, Inc. Her passion for the special needs community is unmatched.  Her skill sets afford her the opportunity to provide specialized care to those who are in need. We affectionately call her the "Behavioral Health Guru"!

Marissa Sweat- Evans

Marissa Sweat - Evans is the Chief Operations Officer for the South Carolina Division.  She is a wife and mother of 3, her son Jaylen, who is her special little angel.  Jaylen has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and a host of other challenges.

It was because of her son she created the "Don't Stare" Campaign to stop other's who don't understand this lifestyle from staring out of ignorance.

Tylia Flores

Tylia Flores is a 23-year-old born with cerebral palsy. Although her condition has affected her mobility, it has never affected her will and determination to make a difference in the world. Through her many life challenges and obstacles, she discovered her passion for writing. Tylia’s goal in life is to share her stories with the world. In doing so, she hopes to help others with disabilities realize that they, too, have the potential to make their dreams come true.


Carol Boynton

Carol Boynton is a special needs advocate and divorced mother of young adult twin daughters with Cerebral Palsy. She loves to happily share her experiences as a special need’s mom. In 2017, Carol completed the first class of special education advocate training (SEAT 1.0) through The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA). Carol calls her girls her “sheros” and readily admits that she would not be the woman she has evolved into without her daughters!

Currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Carol just completed her master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology 27 years after receiving her undergrad degree.  She is a 25-year employee of the county government.  With a handful of years left, she is excitedly awaiting retirement where she can devote more time to advocating and enjoying her favorite past times of reading, traveling (especially cruising), cooking, concert going and listening to music to name a few.

Carol is very active in her church, a member of several social/charitable organizations and passionate about the disabled community, the community in which she lives, and social justice issues.

Amanda Fino

I’m a Romance, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological, Coming of Age Fiction published indie author living with Cerebral Palsy. I didn't let my Cerebral Palsy stop me from fulfilling my lifelong dreams of becoming an author. Amanda has three Mafia/Romance books. One teenage Romance book, A screenplay, & a kid book out on for sale under my former pen name, Alexandra Forry.

ShonNicole Jones

I am the Super Sensational Successful sometimes sensitive ShonNicole! Teen mom, army veteran, mompreneur, and an Amazing cleft mom embracing and creating an abundant life as a parent with a differently-abled son who’s special power is in his smile! I’m passionate about encouraging and uplifting others no matter what their circumstances or situations may look like in the natural. We all have a story and a journey that has been uniquely designed for us to walk boldly into our destiny as we manifest into our greater self.

Latrea Wyche

Latrea Wyche is 40 years old, she is originally PG County MD, and Latrea is a Disabilities Empowerment coach, a motivational speaker and 8 times published author. She currently resides in Fayetteville NC with her thirteen-year-old daughter. Born with Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes the bones in the skull and other parts of the body to not fuse properly.  Latrea also has vision and hearing impairment and has had to endure more than 30-45 operations to correct various health problems.

Dealing with major family issues to include drug-addicted parents, she and her sister entered the foster care system when Latrea was twelve and her sister was four.  This is where they would remain until Latrea reached the age of sixteen when she and her sister would be adopted.  Throughout their time in the foster care system, both girls encountered countless abuse.  Latrea being the oldest, always felt It was her job to take care of her sister, something she been doing since she was born, was always there to make sure her sister was taken care of, even sometimes sacrificing herself.

Through it all, she has managed to defy the odds; earning a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Education. Latrea became a Professional Certified Life Coach, as well as certified in disabilities ministries leader. Latrea has also had her book "Intimate Conversations with God" featured as the special book at the 2017 NAACP convention. Latrea also travels all over the state of NC speaking at various disability organizations. In 2017 Latrea was a step on stage speaker at the “AMPLIFY HER LIFE TOUR” Latrea also has her own radio station as well as radio show, called “Dreaming Beyond your Disability” a platform she uses to talk about pervert issues within the disabled community, (disability and sexual abuse, “The Hidden Disability”, Disability and suicide) as well as provide a platform for other people with disabilities to have their voice heard. In 2019 Latrea will be a part of the “Crazy like a Fox Tour” which focus on mental health issues within the African American community

“As Disabilities Empowerment coach it is my goal to empower motivate and encourage the disabled population to live above the limits of society, by providing a voice that teaches them to speak their personal truth.”