Still Sexy While Raising Boys with Special Needs

So, I am doing this post because there is a misunderstanding somewhere out here. We have associated struggle and lack of self-care with motherhood. We are not supposed to stop our self-care to please anyone else. Motherhood means the total opposite. The more you water your branches the better the fruit that's given to those who eat from you!

(Now that my ministering is done lmao) Motherhood is the highest honor a woman can have while on this earth. To give the gift of life, nurture, build, grow, etc. THAT'S MAJOR. Have any of you really sat and thought about this ability you were NATURALLY gifted. We are some BEAUTIFUL creatures, that's why we are DESERVING of coming before ANYONE. We can not give the best of who we are lacking in love and confidence for ourselves. When we feel good internally and externally our children reap the benefits of living their best lives because they have their mom (their lifeline) at her best.

We subconsciously implement past trauma into the rearing of our children. We unknowingly place those toxic teachings on to them while we slowly morph into the very things we said we would never be to our children.

Once you acknowledge that you are keeping up with an unhealthy cycle. Once I understood that where I was, was not cute at all, I decided to change. I remember saying to myself, "I wanna change and I don't know what the fuck this will look like, but I know it can be better than this shit I am in". My parents taught me how to be miserable and volatile.

I FULLY understand why things are this way, however I want you all reading this to know that, no matter what is going on, you are worth time, effort and love. You deserve to look good, feel good, etc. You DESERVE to be all things intended by GOD's standards. Mother's are SUPPOSED to be cherished, loved, spoiled. You SHOULD shop, and eat out if you desire. You SHOULD place your spouse and children 2nd so that your roots can be watered. When you take time to water your roots, your fruit is much tastier, juicier, and you're more resourceful.

We are the EARTH without us this shit wouldn't be. So be HONORED to have this type of power. NOW, with AALLLLLL this good shit being said, let us discuss getting your sexy back.

Being sexy is not based on how you're dressed, it's based on how you feel. How you carry yourself, the confidence you have within yourself. That's sexy. The clothes match the personality and that's easy once you figure out who you are.

Now, take me for instance, I took my growth for the sake of my children's lives seriously. Once I started to feel good internally it automatically started to show externally. II stand different, speak differently, hell I even THINK different.

Put on WHATEVER you desire without a second thought. We care too much about other's opinions of who we are, what we are, how we are, etc. That's why you're miserable walking around convincing yourself that you're not. The simple fix to half of your issues is fixing your internal being. Sexy is a state of mind, it's a feeling you have about yourself no matter what anyone says about it.





Author: Libra Hicks

Libra J. Hicks was born to Jane and Rodney Smith in February of 1981. Born in College Park and raised in Decatur, Like her father, Libra started to pursue a career in music. At the age of 24 years old, Libra got pregnant and gave birth to Anthony Jr. aka Moo. Libra’s pregnancy was great, no complications to slow her down. On December 15th, 2005, Anthony Jr. was born. He stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks due to having lack of oxygen to the brain. Because both mother and son experienced a very traumatic birthing experience, Anthony was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a host of other health challenges. In 2010, Libra founded “Our Children’s Story” in honor of her son Anthony Jr. Her organization assists families who care for love ones with (dis)Abilities. Libra can relate to all mothers’ who are raising children or caring for an adult with (dis)Abilities. No matter the diagnosis, the feelings are the same across the board. Libra is very dedicated to everything that she becomes a part of. Her love and passion for the special needs community is indescribable. She works very hard for not only her sons but, the entire special needs community. Libra tries her absolute best to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire other families that are just like her’s. Mrs. Hicks has had the pleasure of appearing in SwagHer Magazine as well as being granted interviews with Maria Boynton with V103 and Michael and Joi in the morning. Her writings can be found on Black Mom’s Blog where she talks about her lifestyle. Libra is a wife, mother, philanthropist, and advocate. She is the voice of the special needs community.

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