Timeless Ending

On July 20, 2013, it was an extraordinary day because I published my debut book, Omerta Affair. A romance set in the violent underworld of the Las Vegas Mafia. Remembering that day, I was jumping with overjoy, tears of joy. It was a super fabulous, wonderful feeling, "I really did, I'm a published indie author." Fast forward six years later, it's time for me celebrating my book once more as it releases under a new title. Omerta: Timeless Endings from Lavender Press An imprint of Blue Fortune Enterprises, LLC on August 27, 2019

It's all began on my 22 birthday. I went to the newly open Mob Museum in Las Vegas Nevada. To my shock, Frank Cuttolla was there signing his book. I met him and told him that I want to be a Mafia-Romance, and he said to me that if I need help, just let him know. I said okay thinking he has better things to do than helping me a young CP girl at the time. I found him on Facebook weeks later, and we began to talk, he always inviting me to this and that. I base my first book "Omerta Affair" off on Tony Spilotro's reign as The Las Vegas Mafia boss, in the 1970s. He had it all, running the Crime underworld. He could have any woman he wanted in Las Vegas. Instead, he became romantically Geri Rosenthal. At first, it was a Casino's FanFic to the 1995 move, that I was witting and putting online for free. My family and friend told me it was way too good to be a FanFic. After I finished my book, Frank hooked me up with some people and that how my book came to be. Now he's Uncle Frank to me.

Since then, I have continued to gravitate toward writing dark, mature romances, some suitable only for adults. It is frustrating to me that some authors don't take me seriously because of that I have Cerebral Palsy. I write dark romance, and my Cerebral Palsy had nothing with it. Even if I didn't have Cerebral Palsy, I would still write Dark Romance books.  On November 17, 2018, after years of writer's block and personal problems, I finally came out with the Deepest Element, which is a short story under my formal pen name Alexandra Forry. Now I'm rewriting Deepest Elements to be a full-flash novel tiled Blue Bell my goal for it to come out late 2020.

Blue Bell set at a very elite boarding school that has darkened within its wall. Arriving in Radcliffe Heights, Rhode Island, freshman Peony "Poppy" Warwick admired the picturesque small town. But deep in the shadows of the woods near Blue Bell Boarding School, and along its hallowed halls, lurked illicit sex, murder, and harrowing danger. Seduced by Damon Dashwood, the handsome, blue-eyed, white blonde 41-year-old Headmaster, Poppy enters a world of love, ecstasy, heartbreak, betrayal, and death.

How Did I get my idea for Blue Bell? In 2005 I was living in Pahrump, Nevada, that's world-famous for its whorehouse of ill representatives. When breaking news hit our town's newspaper, and then it went on to become a remarkable news story on cbsnews.com.

The story went like this. This guy went and told detectives he found the videotape of a young of 4 or 5 years of age girl who had sexually assaulted in this homemade videotape. Investigators don't think this guy made the tape.

Being homeschooled with nothing to do, I followed this story until I read this five years later; "We found the victim. She's safe," Nye County sheriff's Detective told The Associated Press. I was fifteen at the time. I had made up this story idea.

About a girl in a boarding school that is determined to expose her school's evil headmaster. After she had discovered a prostitution ring, sex trafficking, and murder within the school's walls and on its grounds, even though human trafficking is a foul, very dark subject, the morale of this book is "fight for what you believe in, for what's right" and "never give up." I never wrote it down until December of 2017.

"It is an interesting story that is generally well told. The basic premise is sound, and it has the potential to be a well-received psychological thriller. The two main (Poppy and Dashwood) are well constructed and carry the story well. The plot and storyline are clear. The reader can see from the mission that Poppy is on; Exposing the criminality of her headmaster Dashwood and the school in the sex scandal that had been going on for years." A review of DEEPEST ELEMENTS.

I never did plan of having my two main characters, Poppy and Dashwood, falling in love with each other. I like to point out that, It a time of great confusion for girls as they start to get sexual desires. There is an element of excitement and danger with an older man with power. Poppy knew that Dashwood is a criminal, and their relationship is illegal. LOVE is stronger than HATE, that why I shall make it she want him in jail party because oddly she would have him all to herself. It's love everlasting.


We all experience stress in our lives from so many different angles.  Burnout is different because it becomes a chronic state of stress that can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion.  Some of the signs of burnout are: lack of motivation, feelings of detachment, insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of productivity, loss of interest, a feeling of just floating through life, decrease in things we enjoy, lack of progress and accomplishments, feelings of hopelessness, missing work or other activities, and isolation.  This list is no way inclusive of all symptoms and everyone exhibits things differently, but it is a starting point.

If you are starting to feel like this at your job, in a relationship or other aspects of your life, it is time to start making some changes.  Nothing will get better unless you make some active changes in your life.  It is not enough to just be aware of what the problem is.  If you feel like you may be on the way to being burned out but haven’t made it to that point, now is the time to act.

If a relationship is costing you peace of mind and the pros do not outweigh the cons, it is time to move on.  Don’t be afraid to make positive changes in your life.  Start today

#CpEmpowerment Movement

Remember back to my childhood, I really thought I was alone in the world that was filled with Down Syndrome and Autism kids. I had met some kids who had CP like me. However, they couldn’t speak or walk sitting in their wheelchairs.  To this day, I get tears my eyes just thinking about them. Yet, when I was three, a doctor told my family that I would lifeless in a wheelchair, Let’s say that I overcoming improbability. It wasn’t until I was in six grade that I met another likewise boy with CP.

I was watching TV a few weeks ago, when a long inform commercial came on telling about this new hair re-grower, and it made me kind-off mad that we are using a lot of money to regrow our hair loss instead using this money for the greater good, for research and development analyst, finding a cure for CP. Sometimes I feel like the world forgets about us, disabilities people.

As CP Gal, my lifelong passion burning in my soul is to help to make lives better for people, yet I’m taking baby steps. On July 10, I’m starting the #cpempowerment moment. Telling a different and incredible story of a person living with Cerebral Palsy every Wednesday on my own Blog and my Facebook Group CP Gal Reader Nest.

One could write about their life, living with CP, or do an interview. One can even take over my group for a day to post whatever you feel like. I want to encourage all the parents with CP children to join as well. One would never know where #cpempowerment will lead to, and that’s the pure beauty of it.

I’m Living My Best Life. Are you?

I think by now we have all heard, at least the chorus, of the popular song “Smile” by comedian Lil Duval and Snoop Dogg.  He says, “I’m living my best life, ain’t goin’ back and forth with you,” you know the rest, it has some expletives, but we are going to sing the clean version.  He also says, “you got a lot to be smiling for,” and “it’s evident, I’m hot as a crock pot.”

Sometimes, no, most of the time, we get caught up with the day to day routine of life, being a parent, daughter, son, friend, caregiver, wife, husband, and all the other titles that are placed on us, we forget “we got a lot to be smiling for!”

Chile, I’m hot like a “crockpot,” but I didn’t always think this way, as a matter of fact, I have to remind myself of this daily. Hey, I’m a work in progress, for 20 years, all I’ve looked at myself is…as a mother. Don’t get me wrong, that title means the world to me, I cherish it. It is the most important title that God could ever bestow on me.

Being a mother of special needs twins, I am always in fight mode, in champion mode, advocate mode. Fighting the school system, the doctor’s, the insurance company, hell, the world. You stay in that stance constantly, carrying the world on your shoulders, so this world will be better for your children, someone else’s children, for fairness, for justice, for equality. But during these battles, you often lose yourself, you get swallowed up, you forget you only pass through this here life one time, and forget you should be “living your best life.”


I woke up one morning and realized, you are more than a conqueror, have some fun, laugh out loud, live life to the fullest, (you know that cliché), it’s passing you by. I want you to fight for your kids, that’s what we do, but I want you to have some fun, live a little, you deserve it.

This is what I did. Switched up my routine. I signed up for school, some said I was crazy, I just kept going.  I stepped way out of my box and joined a couple of organizations, a new church which lead to new ministries, new people, and newfound interests. My circle of influence changed, which brought on new ideas and improved my self-esteem and mental health. I gained new ideas and treaded into territory that improved my life and my daughter’s lives. I even had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia for three weeks (which truly changed my life) and my family survived without me!

So I want you to do this, say no to some things without feeling guilty (I haven’t quite mastered that, I said I am a work in progress), you don’t have to go to the grocery store every Saturday at 10:00 a.m., instead grab a sandwich and your favorite magazine and head to the park, window shop, sign up for a cooking class, buy a bike a ride it, join an organization, meet new people, switch up that circle of influence, some of those folks are sucking the life right out of you anyway. It is perfectly fine to make new friends. You are already the best caregiver there is, but just remember to take care of you, your mind body and soul, and remember you are “hot as a crockpot!”  Live your best life!!


Connect with Carol at advocate4youblog.wordpress.com or advocate4you17@gmail.com

The “Jack of all Trades” Epidemic

One day a model handed me her business card. According to her, not only was she a model but also an actor, choreographer, makeup artist, dancer, motivational speaker, cosmetologist, personal trainer, screenwriter, paralegal, welder, spiritual adviser, Karate teacher, shoemaker, photographer, mechanic, hairdresser, army recruiter, juggler, film critic, book critic, food critic, human resources administrator, flutist, dog whisperer, licensed family counselor, traveling circus freak, dental hygienist, architect, Lead Trauma Surgeon at Emory Hospital, refrigeration technician, equestrian instructor and funeral director. I was impressed that she had so many side hustles, but how thin can you spread yourself?! When I suggested that she streamline her approach, she scoffed at me and walked away. I mean, what do I know right? I’ve only been doing this for 85 years.

As Told by Tylia ​: How Stanley brings awareness to Children​ about Disabilities

When I was a child, I loved watching Cartoons my favorite network to watch was Playhouse Disney now known as ”Disney Junior”like any normal child who grew up in the late ’90s early 2000’s .

One of my favorite shows to watch was Stanley that’s based on the series of children’s books written by “Griff” (as indicated on the cover of the original book), also known as Andrew Griffin. It was produced by Cartoon Pizza and was developed for television by Jim Jinkins (the creator of Doug, PB&J Otter, Allegra’s Window, JoJo’s Circus, and Pinky Dinky Doo) and David Campbell.

Stanley was a young boy into animals in every time he would want to learn about an animal he would grab his great big book of everything that was like an encyclopedia that would teach him about the animal and he would dive right into the adventures of the animal he was learning about within the episode but what made Stanley so unique was that with every episode but he was taught something new about an animal there was always a life lesson behind it all .

Which brings me to one of my favorite episodes out of the whole entire series entitled, Look Who’s Helping where Stanley meets his cousin Max who is in a wheelchair and has a Service Dog to help him adapt to his life has as six-year-old in a wheelchair. while Stanley hangs out with Max he dives into the Great Big Book of Everything where Max and Stanley learn about Monkey who to learn how to adjust to being their environment just like Max does but that doesn’t mean they’re any different from one another.

I totally feel as Stanley hit it out of the park when it comes to bringing awareness to children about differently able- children and how we could all be the same although we have different abilities we just all have to come together and adjust to our environment and as a child, I think it’s about you will listen that we could all learn from