“The Merge” YBLimited & Clock and Flow

credit: YBLimited

Lifestyle Twins made up of International Model Cairo Williams and Beauty Guru Philip Washington. collided in a popular Atlanta mall in 2015. It was as if the stars aligned and the red sea had parted. For reasons unbeknownst to them they could only see each other from one end of the mall to the other. It was like no one else in the mall existed but them 2. When they finally introduced themselves they instantly knew they needed to be in each other’s lives. Still in that moment they had no clue how they would change each other’s lives.

Time went by with occasional check ins filled with small talk and not much else. During this period, in 2016 Cairo decided to enter back into the modeling world after a much needed hiatus. After years of non stop modeling and traveling. Landing contracts with major brands such as Maybellin, and Calvin Klein, Cairo was in a good position to take a break.

Phillip on the other hand formed a company called YBLimited. In 2016 the company was 3 yrs old and had the country’s first & only Full Service Traveling Glam Team. In 2017 YBLimited added a new division called YBL Model Management. Cairo was one of the first models signed to YBL Model Management. Phillip knew Cairo was their well rounded superstar. 

As Cairo morphed from Supermodel into Supermodel Coach with her own Brand Clock & Flow (Posing & Runway Method). It brought Phillip & Cairo closer together creatively. It didn’t take long for them to see that the meeting in the mall was no coincidence. In 2019 both Cairo & Phillip decided to step out on faith and expand both of their companies from Atlanta to New York City. This move brought them closer together as a duo. 

Continuing the branding concepts they started in Atlanta as a duo created a bigger fanbase than they ever had individually. Their audiences loved to watch them in all of their quirky adventures as well as watch them behind the scenes while they create together. The numbers on all of their social media pages dramatically increased the more they appeared together simply being themselves, while doing activities they both love. 

By popular demand Cairo and Phillip decided to formally come together as the “Lifestyle Twins”. Continuing to bring their audience skits, shopping trips, fashion & beauty advice, fun adventures, interviews, and most importantly an inspiring message of self love.

We’ll be seeing you soon Lifestyle Besties!

Credit: YBLimited

Author: Cairo Williams

Who is Cairo Williams? Cairo is currently a Face of Tokyo Fashion Express in Tokyo, Japan! This is a heavy accomplishment for a Brown American model, due to the historical lack of inclusiveness in Japanese culture. Her photo is on the front page of their website and the number 1 national network. Cairo is the face all visitors see when accessing the Tokyo Fashion Express site. Cairo is also formally the face of such major brands as Maybelline and Calvin Klein Runway. She's also the inventor of the legally trademarked CLOCK AND FLOW™ Girls Empowering Program and Posing and Runway method and that she currently teaches in her flourishing modeling classes. Cairo's Clock+Flow brand is much more than modeling. It is a dream turned into reality. Where Cairo is able to build self-image and self-confidence through the things that helped her gain hers. www.ClockandFlow.com

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