Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (PIP)

Two days before the new year of 2019. I was looking at my Facebook newsfeed seeing a post from The Arc of Greater Williamsburg had shared Virginia Board for People with Disabilities Facebook post. That said that the is currently seeking talented, motivated, and dedicated advocates to the 2019-2020 Partners in Policymaking. When The Arc of Greater Williamsburg had shared that post, they said: "Do we have any clients interested in this opportunity?"

After I read it, I've got this unbelievable feeling in my heart and soul like it was my calling from God. I've felt like I need to be a part of this! To make a difference in the world and speak on behalf of people who can't.

Thank you for considering me as an applicant. I'm honor by this fantastic opportunity,

Sincerely, Amanda Fino

This was my answer to one of the questions of many questions on their Application Form. That I took like one dose when they are for college. It was due on March 15, 2019, yet I've worked hard, giving it all I got into the Application and receiving three letters of recommendation. On January 18, I turn it in proud of myself. Just sit back and waited. Well, this leads me off to fished witting my autobiography. Cerebral Palsy Gal has been a work in progress for years; I haven't found the exact words until then.

May came without no word for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. I felt like I mush had done something wrong that must have gotten them to have them reject me. Then on May 7, they email me, turning that I got in. Wonder why I haven't replied to my congratulations letter that they had mailed me in April and do I still want in? I told them 'YES' I still want to be a part of Partners in Policymaking, and my letter got lost in the mail. I was shocked to hear that I got in. To me, I felt like I have achieved something incredible like this in so long.

All summer long, I been preparing for the first sessions that will be on next Friday, September 13. Writing out the first 3-minute speech that I shall give in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday, November 2, 2019! At the capitol day Mock testimony panel as a member of Virginia Board for People with Disabilities and writing a list my Issues & Concerns that may require grassroots advocacy. To help make life better for all disabilities, people of all ages that live in my state of Virginal. Along with a few facts about of the disability rights movement. I have to admit that I have little/limited knowledge about the history of people with disabilities. Over this summer, I gained a lot of experience on this subject, Ii was requested to read this vast internet textbook, Parallels In Time (A History of Disabilities). I really enjoyed it, and I'm impressed by how well that it was put together!

I am blessed, thankful, and thrilled to be a part of the 2019-2020 Partners in Policymaking. Learning more so I can apply it in helping to make lives better for people living with Cerebral Palsy. To me, it's the next chapter of my experience of Amanda Fino

Author: Amanda Fino

With significant changes coming to my personal life and family. I felt the need to let go of my past. With my journey to grow as both an author and advocate for cerebral Palsy as CP Gal, I have also decided to let go of my former pen name, Alexandra Forry and changing it to Amanda Fino. I’ve started an Official Newsletter of the author Amanda Fino; CPGal Reader Nest, that comes out on the 4th of each month, with book news, a Badge of Courage small article saluting Cerebral Palsy and other disability warriors. ​ I’m finishing up writing my newest book telling her inner depth of emotion being a woman that has CP with a unique outlook on life. Cerebral Palsy Gal has been a work in progress; I haven't found the exact words until now. It shall be coming out this year, with Deepest Elements a Novelette as a BONUS!